Solutions and Services — Startup, Commissioning, and Service

Startup, commissioning, and service operations by Neftepromavtomatika include equipment and components testing, as well as preparation of the installed equipment for launch and further operation.

Facilities that we work with are operating in enterprises representing a variety of industries:

  • oil production,
  • oil processing,
  • petrochemistry,
  • metallurgical industry,
  • transport of products by pumping,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • agriculture,
  • food production,
  • social and cultural infrastructure, and others.

Our company has successful experience in servicing equipment and utilities in industrial enterprises and infrastructural facilities confirmed by customers’ feedback:

  • refineries,
  • oil terminals,
  • oil storage facilities,
  • oil pumping stations,
  • line operation dispatcher stations,
  • gas stations,
  • pumping stations in metallurgy, food, production,
  • storage facilities, elevators, granaries,
  • housing and utility sector infrastructural utilities.


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