Solutions and Services — Design & Engineering

Neftepromavtomatika has in-house design & engineering department that draws up design and estimate documentation in compliance with the current rules and regulations for oil & gas facilities design & engineering.

Personnel and the list of work types according to SRO enable to accomplish projects for all types of capital construction, while the extended competencies and solution libraries for repeated use are available in the following disciplines:
Capital construction facilities:
  • Petrochemical processing plants production workshops,
  • Gas, oil, petroleum products transport facilities,
  • Pump stations and compressor/booster stations,
  • Oil depots and gas stations,
  • Thermal power facilities (boiler houses, heating mains, power plants, etc.),
  • Electric power facilities (power lines, substations 220 kV and less).
Design and engineering documentation sections:
  • Process control system of the production facilities,
  • Development of software in the design & engineering documentation,
  • Production process automation for measurement of oil, petroleum products, and gas quantity and quality indicators,
  • Production process automation for leak detection systems,
  • Special sections (Engineering Systems Monitoring, Civil Defense, Environmental Protection, Fire Safety Measures, Energy Efficiency).
In addition to conventional requirements imposed on the designer by regulatory documents and accepted practice, we provide additional services as a part of design and survey:
  • participation in the compilation of the design & engineering Terms of Reference;
  • off-stage feasibility studies;
  • development of tender documentation for procurement of materials, equipment, construction and installation work.


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