Automated loading systems verification

important equipment in modern oil depot, petroleum products storage, loading station at the refinery is the automated top/bottom/combined loading system for petroleum products loading into the tanks that serves not only for product loading, but also used for metering and accounting

Regular verifications and control of the metrological characteristics of the automated loading system are required for correct metering and accounting of the product when filling the tanks.

When verification is required

  • When commissioning the automated loading system
  • For current routine inspection of the automated loading system according to the verification interval
  • After system repair

Loading systems verification frequency

Time between verifications is specified in the product data sheet. Typically, verification is required at least once a year.

Neftepromavtomatika specialists can run metrological tests:

  • automated loading systems verification
  • automated loading systems metrological characteristics testing
  • equipment setup to normalize metrological characteristics

Company’s qualified specialist is available for field trips for metrological characteristics testing and equipment setup. Automated loading systems verification is accomplished together with FBU CSM RB (State Regional Center for Standardization, Metrology, and Testing in the Republic of Bashkortostan) representative.

We use our in-house “Verification Unit for Verification of Instruments for Measurement of Volume and Weight for Top and Bottom Loading UPM-2000”. The unit is verified and registered as a reference. Verification certificate is available.

To apply for verification and other services that requires UMP-2000 Verification Unit for automated loading system, use our feedback form.


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