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Information and control device, explosion-protected version


BRIG-015-M001 has been designed to ensure safe loading of petroleum products into the tanks equipped with liquid fuel overfill system. This product uses dry contact (relay output) to inform the automated fuel loading system with a signal that the permissible level of petroleum products in the tank is exceeded. There is a light indication of the current, permissible (green indicator), and unacceptable (red indicator) states. This product diagnoses the malfunction of the liquid fuel overfill system such as “open circuit” and “short circuit”. This product complies with the European standard EN13922:2003(E) “Tanks for transport of dangerous goods. Service equipment for tanks. Overfill prevention systems for liquid fuels” as an overfill controller using five wires for transmitting signals to determine the liquid fuel levels. Connective plug of the product is made for the sockets manufactured by CIVACON (model 4100, 4200) that comply with EN13922:2003 (Е).

Scope of application

This device has been designed to operate as a component of a fueling system at oil-loading stations located in explosion-hazardous zones.

Technical specifications:

Power supply voltage: 220 V +10%
Power source type: AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption, max.: 6 W
Indicator type: LED
Communication interface with the master: EIA-485
Communication protocol with the master: Modbus RTU
Cable glands quantity: 2 (4)
Operation mode: Continuous, 24/7
Enclosure protection rating: IP 65
Explosion protection marking: 1ExdIIBT3
Ambient temperature for product operation: From -50 to +60 °С
Relative air humidity for product operation, max.: 100%
Weight, max.: 2 kg
Dimensions, W x H x D: 290 х 228 х 109 mm
Enclosure protection rating: version IP 65 as per GOST 14254-96
Resistance and immunity to sinusoidal vibration: as per GOST 12997-84, version N3
Resistance to ambient air temperature and humidity: as per GOST 15150-69, version U1

Pulse input signal parameters

High level voltage U2ln, V, min. 5.3
Low level voltage U1ln, V, max. 0.8
Period T2ln, ms 30—100
Pulse width T1ln, ms 0.8—2.5
Input resistance Rin, kOhm, min. 30

Pulse output signal parameters

Period Т2Out, ms 5.3
Pulse width Т1Out, ms 0.3—2
High level voltage U2Out, V, (pulse current — 4 mA), min. 30—100
Pulse width T1ln, ms 3.8
Low level voltage U1Out, V, max. 0.7
Pulse front t, ms, max. 50

DC parameters

Sensors power supply voltage Us, V (no load) 11—12
Sensors power supply voltage Us, V, (current load — 27 mA), min. 8.2


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