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Information and control device, explosion-protected version


Indicator BRIG-015-I has been designed to display information using alphanumeric mode.

Scope of application

This product is intended for use as a device for displaying the information on oil-loading stations, access control systems, and other facilities located in explosion-hazardous zones.

Technical specifications:

Power supply voltage: 12 V +10%
Power source type: DC
Power consumption, max.: 5 W
Display type: Alphanumeric display, 3 rows, 6 characters each
Communication interface with the master: EIA-485 or tailored
Communication protocol with the master: Modbus RTU or tailored
Cable glands quantity: 1 or 2
Operation mode: Continuous, 24/7
Enclosure protection rating: IP 65
Explosion protection marking: 1ExdIIBT3
Ambient temperature for product operation: From -40 to +50 °С
Relative air humidity for product operation, max.: 90%
Weight, max.: 2 kg
Dimensions, W x H x D: 265 х 216 х 86 mm
Resistance and immunity to sinusoidal vibration: as per GOST 12997-84, version N3
Resistance to ambient air temperature and humidity: as per GOST 15150-69, version U1
Enclosure protection rating: version IP 65 as per GOST 14254-96


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