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PEC and ESD Control software suite has been designed to control the maximum allowable concentration and emergency shutdown.
Software suite includes the following functions:

  • controlled (using passwords) access to software;
  • registration of controlled devices in the program;
  • creation of monitoring mnemonic diagrams based on registered devices;
  • visual inspection of pre-explosive concentration and emergency shutdown on mnemonic diagrams;
  • event logging;
  • reporting.


This program supports the following devices:

  • Gas analyzer OGS-PGP;
  • Emergency alarm and interlocking device PAS-05.

Max. 255 devices can be connected to one port.

System description

PEC and ESD Control is a program environment ensuring pre-explosive and emergency shutdown control by providing the operator with visual information about the gas sensors OGS PGP status and PAS-05 inputs/outputs.
PEC and ESD Control after the launching of the polling, polls all physical devices registered in the program settings and displays the data received from each of them according to created graphic mnemonic diagrams.
This program also saves the events when specified parameters are changed in the database (event parameters are configured in the program settings). Saved data can be retrieved in the program through the reports generator.
Devices that need to be polled can be connected to various serial ports.


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