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This system has been designed to automate the control over tank trucks traffic, reduce the tank trucks downtime, and evenly distribute the load of the filling stations of the loading facility. Also, the “Automated Control System for Tank Trucks Traffic during Loading Operations” can generate reports and communicate with third-party software systems that support COM technology (1C, etc.).


By automating the routes and visual control over the process facilities status, the risk of emergencies (for example, mixing different types of fuel, equipment damage, etc.) is minimized.


The system can be integrated into third-party software suites at the level of process equipment control commands and their status data.

System description

This system software interacts with various types of process controllers.

Operator interface allows to control the equipment and the equipment status.

Equipment is shown as pictograms (valves, pumping units) that can be arranged on the screen in preferable order; and graphical image of the process flow chart can be used as the screen background.

There is a feature allowing to form the sets of “allowed” and “forbidden” routes (sequences of open and closed power-operated valves).

Availability of “allowed” routes enables quick building of frequently used process schemes. Availability of “forbidden” ones avoids building of unacceptable process schemes (for example, the ones that lead to mixing of different fuels).


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