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This system has been designed to automate the control over tank trucks traffic, reduce the tank trucks downtime, and evenly distribute the load of the filling stations of the loading facility. Also, the “Automated Control System for Tank Trucks Traffic during Loading Operations” can generate reports and communicate with third-party software systems that support COM technology (1C, etc.).


The system records all major events of receiving and release at the petroleum products loading/unloading facility: tank trucks arrival and departure time, filling beginning and ending time, and all events during the course of loading operations.


This system is ready for integration into third-party software suites that support COM technology (1C, etc.).

>System description

“Automated Control System for Tank Trucks Traffic during Loading Operations” consists of two subsystems: driver notification subsystem based on information board; access control subsystem for access to process facilities using plastic cards. Both subsystems include hardware and software tools. Software employed by both subsystems usually operates on a dedicated server. The software suite can communicate via LAN with: operator workstations for loading into tank trucks; operator workstations for issuing consignment notes (1C:Enterprise 7.7 SQL).

Driver notification subsystem

Driver notification subsystem’s hardware includes an information board. Software includes a software module for tank trucks queue management and communication with information board. The board displays the information about the vehicle numbers and automated loading system numbers, informing drivers about which tank truck should drive in under a certain automated loading system standpipe.

Driver notification subsystem
Vehicle number Standpipe number Fuel
а234ке 10 N80
о001оо 1 Diesel
а222ее 3 P95
х777хх 18 R92
в211ва 15 P95

Data on the board change automatically as the queue progresses, according to the data received from automated loading systems control programs. The board is connected to the tank trucks traffic control system. Queue management system directs the tank trucks only to functional and vacant automated loading systems.

The system shows the numbers of passes on the board, if possible, using the first-in-first-out order. Also, the queue management system executes the following functions:

a) tank trucks with two compartments should mainly be directed to paired automated loading systems, and tank trucks with more than two compartments — to paired automated loading systems only; b) if there are paired automated loading systems but with different products, the system distributes the load so as not to cause excessive downtime of the tank trucks.

Access control subsystem for control of access to process facilities using plastic cards

Access control is implemented using plastic cards and terminals (for example, BRIG-015, MS-UITV-V3-Т) for cards reading and software support.

Terminals are suitable for installation at the following tank farm facilities:

  • one per each loading station;
  • one per each workstation for consignment notes issuance;
  • one at entrance checkpoint;
  • one at exit checkpoint.

All terminals are connected to the tank trucks traffic control system. Illustrative structure of the tank trucks traffic control subsystem:


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