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“Metering Node Control” program has been designed to control the receiving of fuel through the metering process system.


This system enables accurate automated metering and accounting of the received fuel, and minimization of the risk of emergencies associated with human errors.


The system is ready for integration into the enterprise top-level process control system. Integration is accomplished at the level of exchange of data about fuel arrival. The system is ready for integration into the “Balance” Fuel Flow Accounting System.

System description

“Metering Node Control” program interacts with process controllers, flow meters, and density meters.


This program ensures operative display of process status, saving the information about incoming and outgoing product in the informational database.
This program allows to view detailed information about each metering node.

All actions for changing any parameter in the “Details” window are commented in the message area and recorded into the database. They are available for further review in the Event Log.

The software allows to: enter data from the product consignment notes; automatically track the beginning and ending of the incoming fuel batch; generate and view the logs: Operators Work, Event Log, Documents Archive, and Reports.

The program provides protection against unauthorized access at the user level. There are two levels of access to data: access to data processing that allows to create, view, and print the log. Access to program settings that allows to configure the data sources and process parameters.


For this product, a certificate for State registration of the program for PC No. 2015615638 dated February 10, 2015, is available.


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