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This automated system has been designed for operative control of fuel reserves in surface and underground tanks (in the tank farm) with automatic output of measurement results to PC.


This system enables tracking the fuel flow and fuel reserves in the tank farm, evaluation and minimization of the losses associated with various factors (natural loss, theft, spills).


The system is ready for integration into enterprise top-level process control system. Integration is accomplished at the level of exchange of data about fuel storage. The system is ready for integration into the “Balance” Fuel Flow Accounting System

System description

System software can receive data from various measurement systems such as “Struna”, “Kor-Vol”, and others. Support for other measurement systems can be added on request. “Tank Farm” program provides the operator with information about the entire tank farm at the same time in user-friendly graphical form. This software allows to configure all parameters of each tank: number, sensor readings limit, high and low emergency and operative levels, full capacity level, max. permissible level change per sensor polling cycle, permissible level change in storage mode, configuring the name and color of the fuel in the tank. Tanks can be arbitrarily positioned on the screen. Calculation of volume for each tank is also available.

The following data is provided for each tank:

  • tank number (name); type of operation with the tank;
  • name of the fuel in the tank; tank current innage level;
  • manually measured innage level; bottom water level;
  • fuel density; fuel temperature; total volume and total weight in the tank;
  • volume and weight of the fuel in the tank;
  • free space in the tank; max. innage level;
  • high and low limit and operative levels;
  • innage level change per minute (innage rate);
  • predicted time to reaching operative levels;
  • level sensor status;
  • alarm triggered by reaching operative levels;
  • alarm triggered by wrong type of operation.
Program additional features:
  • automatic saving of current measurements (innage level, bottom water level, water density and temperature, product volume and weight, tank status) in all tanks with preset frequency, and all this can be viewed for the selected period (measurements history);
  • saving of data for viewing the product flow trend in each of the tanks for diagrams (precision up to one minute for the latest 24 hours), and all this can be viewed for the selected period of time;
  • automatic saving of information about sensor failures and level readings excursion (sensors failure history);
  • calculation of volume & weight characteristics using the product parameters entered by the operator in a specific tank (innage level, water level and density);
  • system events logging;
  • forming “Inventory Stock” summary; forming measurement summaries for the latest even hour.


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