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“Balance” fuel flow accounting system has been designed to automate the acquisition of information about the fuels balance, and the following information:

  • information about fuel receiving;
  • information about fuel output;
  • information about fuel reserves in the tank farm.


This system enables tracking the fuel flow, evaluation and minimization of losses associated with various factors (natural loss, theft, spills). Availability of historical data about fuel flow helps in planning and analyzing of the work in order to improve the performance.


The system is integrated into the enterprise top-level process control system. Integration is accomplished at the level of exchange of data about receiving, storage, and sale of the fuel.

System description

This suite receives source data from the corresponding automation subsystems that are employed in various process areas.

Information about fuel products receiving

“Balance” software suite provides information about each batch of the fuel received from the “Receive” Automated System.

Information contains:

  • name of the fuel supplier and the number of the document used as the basis for fuel acceptance;
  • date and time of fuel receiving;
  • fuel name and tank that the fuel was pumped to;
  • amount of fuel received according to the document;
  • actual amount of fuel received, and characteristics of the received batch of fuel such as temperature, density, and viscosity.

Information about fuel sale

Information about the sale of fuel comes from Automated Fuel Loading System for Loading into Railway Tanks and Tank Trucks.

Data provided by the “Balance” software suite contain the following information:
  • number of consignment note used as the basis for the fuel output;
  • fuel output date and time;
  • fuel name;
  • released batch average temperature;
  • weight and volume of the fuel released, while providing data about both the predefined weight and volume of the fuel dispensed, as well as the data about actual values;
  • station from which the fuel is dispensed;
  • information about the driver, including full name of the driver and vehicle license (or railway car number).

In “Balance” software suite, there is a feature of receiving consolidated information about each of the released types of fuel.

Information about the tank farm status

Information about the fuel storage comes from the “Tank Farm” Automated System.

“Balance” software suite provides the following information about the tank farm status:
  • date and time of measurement;
  • tank name and the fuel contained in the tank;
  • fuel density;
  • fuel weight, volume, and level;
  • water level and volume.

In “Balance” software suite, there is a feature of receiving consolidated information about each of the released types of fuel.

 “Balance” software suite can display information in the form of graphs, which enables monitoring of the parameters change over time within the selected period. Information about the tank farm status can be provided both for each of the tanks serviced by “Tank Farm” Automated System, and for each type of fuel.

“Balance” software suite forms two types of balances: consolidated and detailed.

Consolidated balance is formed for each fuel, including the quantity of:

  • stored fuel at the beginning of the specified period;
  • fuel received for the given period;
  • fuel released for the given period;
  • stored fuel at the end of the specified period;

The value of the balance itself is also provided indicating the deviation of the actual quantity of fuel at the end of the period from the expected quantity of fuel, taking into account the incoming and outgoing fuel.

In “Balance” software suite, there is a feature of receiving consolidated information about each of the released types of fuel.

 Detailed balance shows all events related to receiving and releasing of the fuel, including the name and quantity of the fuel received or released, as well as the events associated with changes in tank farm readings.
Due to the fact that “Balance” software suite provides access to all information about the fuel flow, it has protection against unauthorized access at the user level. There are two levels of access to data: access to data processing that allows forming, viewing, and printing of the balance, and access to program settings that allows configuring data sources, units of measurement (for each of the parameters), and balance data update interval.


 For this product, a certificate for State registration of the program for PC No. 2016662185 dated July 26, 2016, is available.


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