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This system has been designed for computer-assisted control of the fuel output into railway tanks and tank trucks at the bulk points of oil depots and oil storages, and for metering of the released fuel, processing and transmission of accounting data, and accompanying documents printout.


The main advantage of this system is the precise metering and accounting of the fuel being dispensed, making it virtually impossible to get unauthorized (non-documented and not recorded in computer memory) fuel output. In addition, operator’s intervention into the process is minimized, which significantly reduces the risk of emergencies caused by human error.


The system is integrated into enterprise top-level process control system. Integration is accomplished at the level of exchange of data about the tasks for fuel output and the actual results of this output. We are experienced in integration into the fuel grid automated information systems, 1C-Enterprise, Parus, etc. This system is also suitable for integration into the automated control system for tank trucks traffic during loading operations and the “Balance” suite.

System description

In terms of functionality, this system consists of controllers that implement process algorithm, and the software installed on the operator’s workstation. This system supports the following controllers (support for other controllers is available on request):
- NPA 2005-07, MS-UITV-VZ, Brig-015 manufactured by our company;
- CBU, BUI, KUP manufactured by JSC Prompribor;
- Topaz manufactured by LLC Topaz-Servis. Operator manages the process using PC. The system provides a simple, illustrative, and graphical interface for the operator. Therefore, the likelihood of emergencies at the loading point (for example, fuel spilling onto the ground) is reduced, since, in addition to the operator, the software and hardware of the automatic loading system controls the process as well.
There is a large number of software options that differ in their functions. In addition, tailored software development is also possible.
There is a feature for automatic control of the additives dosing unit.
The system is featured with connectivity for additional temperature sensors.
Also, density meter Plot-3B can be connected for receiving of density and temperature manual measurements data.
Mass flow meter or density meter can be connected directly to the workstation, bypassing the controller.
System main functions (except for process control) are listed below.
Issuance of consignment notes (optional);
Submission of permit to the operator’s workstation for loading of the amount of fuel specified in the consignment note;
Keeping the fuel output database;
Printing of fuel sales reports covering any period of time;
Logging of all significant events in the system, these events are timestamped;
Data exchange with top-level process control system (optional).
This equipment and software proved their reliability by years of operation in various regions of the Russian Federation, and for a long time they have
been fine-tuned to satisfy the needs of the organizations that employ this system. For this product, a certificate for State registration of the program for
PC No. 2015615638 dated May 22, 2015, is available.



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