About the production and delivery of BRIG controllers

Customers are often interested in the conditions of production, quality control and delivery of our products. A little information about these processes for you.

BRIG controllers are manufactured by our company's specialists in the production shop and pass all the necessary tests, including climate tests and vibration tests, which allows the customer to be confident in the quality of Assembly and operational characteristics of the equipment.

Let's find out how our BRIG controllers are delivered, and what conditions of safety of the equipment are observed during transportation?

- The controller is Packed in an individual semi-rigid container-corrugated cardboard.
- There are signs on the packaging that help to deliver the goods efficiently and safely.
- Inside the package is a foam bed for safe transport.
- Delivery to the customer's destination at the expense of our company.
- The customer can choose any courier delivery service at will.

Therefore, you can be sure that the equipment will arrive in integrity, safety and on time.

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