Integration " NEFTEPROMNALIV", Oracle and ISOIL

In October 2019, at the request of NK Rosneft – Kubannefteprodukt, PJSC, a subsidiary of “Rosneft”, our programmers implemented integration with Oracle-based DBMS, as well as with ISOIL dosing equipment software.

APCS "NEFTEPROMNALIV", which includes the automated workplace of the operator of loading of oil products in road and railway tanks, manages the loading, forms the primary documentation and keeps records of oil products at the loading point (certificate of registration of the computer program №2015614698 dated February 10, 2015).

At the request of customers, this system can be integrated with any accounting systems of the enterprise.

At the moment, the automated filling system of the operator APCS “NEFTEPROMNALIV” is implemented and helps to successfully solve production problems at the enterprises of LUKOIL-uralnefteprodukt, LLC, branches of PJSC NK Rosneft - Kurgannefteprodukt, PJSC NK Rosneft - Murmansknefteprodukt, LLC RN-Severo-Zapad, PJSC NK Rosneft - Smolensknefteprodukt, PJSC NK Rosneft-Altaynefteprodukt, PJSC NK Rosneft-Karachay-Cherkessknefteprodukt, JSC Khakasnefteprodukt VNK, JSC NK Rosneft-Artag, LLC RN-Vostoknefteprodukt, JSC NK Rosneft-Kabardino-Balkarian fuel company, PJSC NK Rosneft - Yamal'nefteprodukt, JSC Ulianovsknefteprodukt, JSC Karelianefteprodukt, JSC Belgorodnefteprodukt, LLC RN-Chernozemye and others.


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