Production news

Since July 2019, serial production of new explosion-proof products BRIG-015-K003 and BRIG-015-K202 will start.

These products replaced the previously produced controllers BRIG-015-K001. Their distinctive feature: significantly greater capabilities compared to its predecessor.

Main advantage:

- the microprocessor has become much more productive - now a 32-bit microcontroller of domestic production based on the cortex-M4 core is used;

- significantly increased the amount of RAM (192 KB);

- increased the number and functionality of discrete inputs and outputs of the controller;

- ability to use up to 6 analog inputs (0-20 or 4-20 mA) - quantity is determined when ordering. The technological algorithm uses them to protect the pump unit (blocking by vibration sensors, bearing temperature, etc.).);

- number of RS-485 interfaces increased to three:

·         Interface # 1-Modbus RTU Slave-communication with top-level system;

·         Interface #2-Modbus RTU Master-flow and density meters;

·         Interface # 3-Modbus RTU Master-additional devices, e.g. temperature sensors.

The technological algorithm of the controllers allows through reading and transmission to the upper level of the totalizers (and other parameters) of the flow meters, as well as dosing both by the totalizers and by the pulse input (depending on the controller setting).

Controller BRIG-015-K202-a completely new development, which combines the functionality of the controller BRIG-015-K003 and indication of the loading process. This controller has an led alphanumeric display that allows the loading operator to monitor the loading process on the display. This device can be used in compact systems.

In connection with the beginning of serial production of new products Neftepromavtomatika, LLC stops release of controllers for brig-015-K001 filling systems. Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of controllers BRIG-015-K001 will be carried out in the same volume.

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