AEQS — a novel product in the industrial oil, gas, and chemical exhibition “Gas. Oil. Technologies 2018” in Ufa

At the exhibition “Gas. Oil. Technologies 2018”, the company presents its software and automatics, including the process control system for fuel loading into tank trucks and railway tanks — Neftepromnaliv, and a new system for tank trucks traffic control in oil terminals — AEQS.

Automated electronic queue system for tank trucks traffic control during loading operations (AEQS) has been designed to provide comprehensive informational and analytical support for customer service at the loading stations of oil terminals and oil storage facilities, and ensures the following processes:

  • automation of receiving and processing of customer requests in terms of petroleum products loading operations;

  • automatic selection and direction of tank trucks to loading stations with regard to petroleum product type and workload;

  • handling information about accomplished operations;

  • tank truck control when passing through each stage of the petroleum products filling;

  • automation of paperwork for loaded petroleum products.

For more details, please, visit our company’s exhibition booth at “Gas. Oil. Technologies 2018” on May 22—25, 2018. We will be glad to see you there!

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